Sip Subscription Box - Level 2: Tenacious – Pulp & Press Canada Inc.
Sip Subscription Box - Level 2: Tenacious
Sip Subscription Box - Level 2: Tenacious
Sip Subscription Box - Level 2: Tenacious
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Sip Subscription Box - Level 2: Tenacious

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Discover the benefits of regular juicing with a convenient Sip Subscription Box, offering a variety of fresh, cold pressed juices and wellness shots.

Choose your commitment level to suit your routine, and get your nutrients in the easy way. The Level 2: Tenacious Sip Subscription Box contains 24 juices and 18 elixirs.

Personalize your delivery schedule and pause, change, or cancel your subscription anytime.


1. Choose Your Subscription

2. Schedule Your Deliveries

3. Unpack and Enjoy!

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