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Juice Cleanse Group Discount

Those who cleanse together accomplish great things together!

Is the idea of a cold pressed juice cleanse too daunting to do on your own? What better way to conquer your detox fears than to do it with a group of people cheering you on!  

Cleansing with friends, family, or co-workers means you have people keeping you on track and supporting you through the ups, the downs, and everything in-between.  You can look forward to having more energy and improved focus all while reaching your health and wellness goals together!

To help kick-start your cleansing journey, we're offering 20% off 10 cleanse orders or more.

Here's what you need to do:

  1. Find 10 or more people to cleanse with.
  2. Send us a message to get your personalized 20% off discount code.
  3. Place an order for all cleanses to one shipping address.
  4. Start cleansing together!

Gather your cleanse-mates and contact us to get started!

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